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Ouija & Spiritual Communication

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When is comes to divination, it has various forms. Ouija boards are an old form of divination, that should be learned properly in order to ensure safety. This class is designed to teach you the history of Ouija boards, how to properly use an ouija board, how to work with spiritual beings, how to cleanse your sacred areas and so much more. In the past spiritual education was hard to come by, now it’s available to help and guide you in a safe manner, right from your phone, tablet or laptop. Our self paced class, gives you the opportunity to take your time. All classes however, are scheduled around your busy time frame. Class information and videos are uploaded right to your classroom so you never miss anything, no matter how busy your life is. We also have one on one classes available. We have all seen movies where people have used divination methods and various forms of witchcraft in unsafe manners. This is why we have brought our classes online to help those looking for the proper ways of working with magic and spiritual beings. If you would like more information on this class or others please contact us directly.

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