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Did you know this, about the HalloweenSeason ?

Did you know that Halloween is actually when most cultures celebrate their Ancestors? During this time, of the thinning of the veil, Your Ancestors, are able to walk the physical plain, if it gets cold all of a sudden, if you hear someone call your name, but no one is there, if something is missing, only for it to appear later. Remember all of these are signs that your Ancestors are near. They are checking in on you to make sure you are ok. Everyone’s Ancestors didn’t practice, so they don’t know any ways around the veil, throughout the year. So for them this is the only time, they can see you. Do you know how happy they are to know that you are living a better life then they had? Do you know how happy they are to see that their linage still continues. Please don’t be afraid of them. They are not ghoulish ghost you see in the movies. If you want to help them, leave them out food, water, tobacco, alcohol and anything that calls to you. If you are smelling random things, this means you have the gift of clairalience, use this gift and get or make the things you are smelling. This is a sign, they are trying to communicate the things they want. I hope my information helps you guys. If you have any questions comments or concerns please let me know.



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