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Don’t let your Negative Thoughts destroy your FUTURE

Listen. Your biggest battles will be your thoughts. When I was struggling with that, it was a couple of different things I would do. First, I would immediately tell myself nope that’s not going to happen things will change. Second, I would speak out the good outcomes I saw happening, so I didn’t give the negative thoughts a chance, to develop. Next, I would say things like the spirits who don’t want me to succeed, would try to make me think things will not be okay, but I know my ancestors and spiritual team have me covered. I would write all the negative thoughts and return them to the sender and burn them. It’s just a lot of different things I would do. But I NEVER LET MY THOUGHTS get the best of me, because I knew I was destined for greatness, but I had to see it, affrim it, accept me, confirm it, and receive it. Your greatness starts with what you TELL yourself.


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