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Petty Jealousies On The Rise

I posted a video on YouTube about Venus Retrograde. One of the topics was on Petty Jealous. As Venus brings her blessings to your life, there are going to be others who are jealous because it’s happening for you and not them. Pay attention to their need to try & dominate you, even in simple conversations. This energy holds no weight where Venus is concerned, your blessings cannot and will not be taken for you. But you need to remove these types of people from your life. Why? Because your friends, family, coworkers etc should be happy for you. & they should also know how hard you worked and what you had to do to get where you are. If they cannot understand this, they are not for you and this is where Venus is concerned. #HappyRetrograding


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Click the link below to view this message. I may just continue this reading depending on the feedback I receive. I hope this heals you guys.

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