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Why are you resisting, change? Thoughts of An Heiress

Spiritual surgery is the word you are looking for to explain the craziness. Tap into your intuition, and don’t resist change. Everything can work out fine, if you tap into your intuitive abilities. This is the core key to finding out the solution to your unique spiritual situation. Your guides are speaking but are you listening with your intuitive ear? Or are you filling your head with unrealistic ideas because you believe the narcissistic people in your life? Pluto’s pushing for change, but you're still resisting. Embrace the unknown, listen to what you hear, feel in your gut, your instincts are never wrong. Follow the voice of your soul, and not the voice of the enemy pretending to be your friend.

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Click the link below to view this message. I may just continue this reading depending on the feedback I receive. I hope this heals you guys.

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