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3 Things To Know Before You Buy

3 things you need to remember Before You Buy. How to Cleanse, Pray and ACTIVATE the items you are buying. If you are buying herbs, yes they come with many properties however you need to know how to speak those properties into life according to the intentions you have for that herb(s) and the same goes for anything else that you will be using. You also need to know how to cleanse an item(s). You always want to use something to cleanse the energy off any item. If you are getting your items from a local shop, you must keep in mind multiple people touch these items, and you don’t want their energies on your product or in your home or work space for that matter. All items cannot be cleansed the same way. Some may not be able to have liquids on them. Praying over your items and activating them are essential as well. Each item may have a different way it needs to be prayed over and activated. Be sure to look into these type of things before your began to bring things in your home.

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